Social Entrepreneurship / Entrepreneuriat social

In many countries around the world, young people face a lot of difficulties to enter into the work market. Creating or joining a social enterprise may be a relevant solution.

The Victoria State Government in Australia launches a program to support youth led enterprises. A good example that other government should follow.

“Young entrepreneurs aged 16 to 25 looking to establish or further develop a social enterprise will benefit from a new Youth Social Enterprise Program.
The NEW GEN Youth Social Enterprise is partnership between the Victorian Government and Social Traders. The program will support youth-led social enterprises through two programs components – NEW GEN Crunch and NEW GEN Thrive.
NEW GEN Crunch is a six month program to support new youth-led social enterprises. Two new social enterprises will be supported to develop business plans and become start-up ready. Capability building of these two social enterprises will incorporate mentoring, coaching, and group training.
NEW GEN Thrive is a 12 month program to support five existing youth-led social enterprises to achieve their full potential as viable and sustainable organisations. Capability building will include small group training, coaching and access to various tools and resources.”

LOFT Youth Centre for Social Enterprise and Innovation is a pioneering multi-use space that fosters creativity, community engagement, social enterprise and entrepreneurship amongst youth in Toronto.  Youth involvement in all aspects of LOFT YCSEI’s operations makes it truly a youth-led initiative, and equips participants with the tools to create change – both in their own lives and in the community. LOFT YCSEI provides youth with social supports, skills training, mentorship and networking opportunities through programs and employment.


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